Be An Addict with Dior!


Whilst in Gatwick Airport a few weeks back on the way to Milan, I happened to stop in Duty Free store in search for a new ultra gloss as my old one had been discontinued.

I was keen to find a bright red, high shine gloss to wear day to day, so the search began…

The contenders…


Mac Plush Gloss
Mac plush Gloss

Dior Addict and

Dior Addict Gloss
Dior Addict Little Red Dress

YSL Golden Gloss.

YSL Gloss
ysl gloss

From each of the ranges I wanted the brightest, loudest, and sparkly of the range.

Price did not play a factor as they all were similarly price around £15-£20.

Dior, immediatly caught my attention because of the display and I had seen the red I was after straight away, I have to also say I am slightly biased towards Dior, simply because my last lip gloss that I ABSOLUTELY loved was the Dior Kiss in bright red. So as I approached and saw something similar it struck a little heart string! Could this be my new favourite lip colour?!..

lip gloss

As with all glosses, it is paramount to try it on see what it looks like, the lady on the stand got me a new tester out and put the colour on for me, which was very nice, and my overall verdict was that quite simply. I loved it. It was very glamourous, high maintance, lots of presence, BOLD and very strong colour. It did not look too wet, which I believe is a bonus because wet look lipgloss can come off as a bit childish, or at least as if you have licked your lips too much!

The colour I chose to go for was the colour 856 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss flash- little Red Dress!

It has a beautiful 6.3ml glass effect bottle with a silver over-the-top lid.

Described as having a high spectacular shine providing oversized volume and a feminine finish.

And I would have to second that statement.

The colour was fab, however after sipping a drink or licking your lips a few times the colour will come off very easily but I guess there is no harm in re-applying. Or I guess buying a lipstick.

The addict range comes in three possible effects of colours:

Pearl- for fresh and a dash of colour

Glow- nude colours

Flash-Vibrant colours!

Since I bought this in duty free, i did not pay taxes so the gloss came up to around £16, which is mid range for a Designer lipstick.

A week later I am still wearing the gloss daily, Loving the attention and the demure affect the lip gloss provides.

I can defiantly say I will be using this again and I Want That Now


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